A big welcome to our newest additions

This week we started our summer schedule, although it doesn’t exactly feel like summer is here yet!
Some sitters on our team went home for their summer break and we have invited a few new team members who will be working with us over the summer.

Im excited to welcome Elana Schmidt, Kelly Rottman and Macy Sego to our already wonderful team of animal lovers!

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    Welcome to the family! I know that you’ll fit with these dog-loving people. Dogs radiate a sense of love and happiness that harmonizes with our existence. They make us feel that everything is going to be okay. The fun that dogs possess can be passed down to its humans. I hope that Elana Schmidt, Kelly Rottman, and Macy Sego will feel at home with the team. I believe that your team will soar greater heights in life. Good luck to all!

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