A Holiday Treat

Today is Easter and it reminds me how good I was at giving out holiday treats to all our clients.
I would get cards from Walgreens and write personal notes in them. I would also buy an assortment of dog treats,
catnip and small cat toys to create goodie bags for the pets. I would give the bags out to the sitters and they would leave it after their walk or cat visit. I really thought it was an important gift to give as a act of appreciation for letting us take care of their beloved family member.
It was so much fun too planning for the next holiday treat.

Now its Easter and I look back at the past year and we just haven’t done anything besides end of the year card and photo magnet. It’s definitely time for us to get our act together and start giving out our Holiday treats.. Besides having a complete blast making them, it’s also important to give back.

Have a great Easter Everyone!!


a few examples of Thanksgiving and Easter Holiday Treats from the past years…

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    When it is thanksgiving and easter season, what should reign in our heart is goodness and generosity. If there is something that we can give to people who are in need, let us be kind enough to give it to them. Actually, we should always be kind to people whether it’s the season of giving or not. Now that the easter season is about to come, what we should do is to prepare for it because that is the right thing to do. I am looking forward for my friends to do the same thing.

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