Adopting the Same Cause In a New Way

This past week I came across a trending article that claimed London’s Underground had been invaded by kittens! I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the exact same. “But where is their litter box?” CNN writer Mahatir Pasha elaborated on this dream come true to spotlight a new ad campaign that is just the cat’s meow. *ba dum tiss*​
Pasha brings to the forefront, Glimpse, a group whose aim is to use their creativity for the greater good. This week they provided London tube riders with a fresh dose of furry love on those often dreary commutes in to the office.

Wouldn’t it be superb if we had giant pictures of cats to admire while waiting for the el here in Chicago? These images beg the question though; who are these kitties, and what do they have to tell us? Those featured furry felines in London are stray cats from two rescue groups over in the U.K. They got their moment of fame in an effort to promote pet adoption instead of pet-shopping in London. A universal message to hop across the pond and reach us right here at home. To make an effort to give every furball their fur-ever home. 

So here’s my soapbox friends, adopt and don’t shop! There are plenty of places to adopt a new loved one from. You can adopt more than just dogs and cats too! To adopt from local shelters within the large local metropolitan area we call home, check out these links below to find your purrrfect soulmate!

Felines & Canines
6379 N. Paulina Street
Chicago, IL 60660

ALIVE Rescue
2227 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Cats Are Purrsons, Too
P.O. Box 59067
Chicago, IL 60659

Tree House Humane Society
1212 W. Carmen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

Harmony House
2914 N. Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

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