Another charity Chicago Urban Pets is supporting

We are in the fundraising season and there are so many amazing charities to support out there. Chicago Urban Pets brings you one more EVENT we chose to support this Spring.

The numbers are staggering. Of the 32 million orphans in sub-Sahara Africa, 11 million are orphans affected by AIDS. Children are our most vulnerable population – period. Yet when you add to that poverty and lack of family support, these children have very little to protect them from harm.

Angela Jackson, a friend and business consultant for Chicago Urban Pets is a member of Team Cyclebreaker in an effort to make a difference.
A global team of riders will be biking halfway around Lake Victoria in East Africa on the Ride for Hope and raising $300,000 in support of these children cared for through Christ’s Hope International. They will also be stopping by the CarePoint Centers along the way to visit the children and staff. This 600 mile bike trip will be a ride to remember!

​We’re excited to join the cause and help raise $500. Will you be a Cyclebreaker too? ​

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    First of all, I would like to say thank you to the people behind this charity event and please know that what you did will always be remembered by these kids. I just can’t imagine why would they need to experience such hard life wherein they deserve a life full of love and happiness instead. I pray that despite of what they have already experienced, they will still find hope and love through people like you who are willing to do such event just to help these kids. I hope a lot of people will realize the essence of what you are doing and support you all the way. Please continue to become a source of hope and happiness to these kids.

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