Are you getting the best deal on your pet insurance?

-Insurance policies can be really important when that unexpected injury or sickness comes around, but what are you paying for your insurance? …and are you getting the best deal? has done the research for us and gathered up some of the best insurance policies currently on the market! 

Are you wondering if you are paying too much or getting too little from your pet insurance?

Check out!! latest update, March 2017 has the following ranking:

1. Figo Pet Insurance
Generous coverage
user friendly interface
friendly customer service
backed by a top-ranked insurance underwriter
cloud based storage for your pet’s medical records / access at any time

– negatives
new company, opened in 2015.

2.  Healthy Paws
comprehensive coverage
no limit of what it will reimburse you
only 15 day waiting period for illness and injury coverage
good customer service

strict rules regarding hip dysplasia coverage which would excludes most large breed dogs.
doesn’t cover exam fees

special lifetime deductible for chronic illnesses
pays vet directly if coverage is pre-approved – no waiting period for reimbursement.

you might pay a lot in deductible if pet’s illnesses vary
30 day waiting period for coverage to go into effect
customer service not great

For more information check out!!

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  1. urgent help with essay

    Wow, pet insurance! I’m not sure it’s the best idea for a lot of people. I mean, there are a lot of families that can’t afford an insurance for their children! I think we should care about them more, than about animals. No matter how hard we love them, human life is still more important

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