Bored? ..your pets have the answer

By: Briseis Schreibman

Well, CUP family, it’s certainly an odd position we find ourselves in. At this point in quarantine, the novelty of baking loaf upon loaf of sourdough bread, Zoom happy hours, and deep cleaning your home may be wearing off. With so much time on our hands, it’s difficult not to feel the pressure to keep ourselves busy. But fear not, my productivity fatigued friend, the solution is closer than you think.
It’s no secret that our furry friends are renowned for their incredible powers of relaxation. Sure, sometimes they get a rep for being lazy, but that’s all just bad publicity. I encourage all of us to look to our pets when we begin to feel that surge of anxiety to be productive. Give yourself permission to slow down.
Think about it. As many of us sit at home, longing out the window for our next daily walk and anxiously awaiting our next meal, we may be getting an even closer view of the daily happenings of our furry friends. Sure, our pets might not be fretting over-complicated grocery shopping protocol and proper handwashing techniques. Still, they certainly understand the pace we’ve all been forced to slow to. (Unless of course, you’re one of the incredible essential workers in which case go forth you fast-paced hero.) I say, if we’re already moving at their pace, we may as well lean into it more fully. I mean it, I really do. Let yourself find meaning in being “lazy” and allow yourself to be satisfied with less. Cat lazing in a sunbeam? Join them. Who’s stopping you except yourself? 
You don’t need to look back on this time with a cataloged list of everything you got done. Just let yourself get through it, simply and with lots of quality of time spent with your pets.

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    It really feels good to have pets in the house because they bring happiness to the whole atmosphere and even to the lives of the people who are living with them. This realization made me wish that our two dogs and one cat were still with us until today. They actually died last two years ago and there are times when I still think of them. Anyway, I have also realized how this quarantine made us lazy but needs to be productive at the same time. There are days when we feel like we are not in the mood to do anything at all and I think that it is okay to feel that way. It is necessary that we allow ourselves to slow down and be satisfied with less.You don’t have to pressure yourself to accomplish lots of things and this quarantine is indeed the best time to spend time with your pets and of course loved ones.

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