B.Y.O.D(og) Happy Hour at Filini starting June 21!

On Wednesday, June 21Filini restaurant is hosting a celebratory launch party for its new “Bring Your Own Dog” happy hour menu – 

Every Wednesday guests may bring pups to enjoy a pet-friendly menu on Filini’s patio (with dishes like Bad to the Bone Burger and Frosty Paws ice cream!). 

Join the launch party from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on 6/21 (also National Dog Party Day) with complimentary cocktails and small bites to celebrate – Pups are also welcome to try out the new pet menu and take a photo with the onsite pet photographer!

Some items on the menu:

The Wagging Tail     6
Grilled boneless chicken breast and chopped carrots
Bad to the Bone Burger       6
Burger chopped with cheese and bacon
Lost Me Lucky Charms       5
2 Meatballs
Frosty Paws   5
Dog Ice Cream

0 thoughts on “B.Y.O.D(og) Happy Hour at Filini starting June 21!”

    1. Wow! I sure wish that there is a restaurant near my place that will also provide that kind of food for my dogs. I feel kind of sad to leave my dog at our house every time I and my family go out for dinner at a restaurant. Everything on the menu will surely make my dog enjoy eating. Considering that there will also be other dogs there will make my dog happy because of the new friends he will be making.

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