A dog and cat sitting near each other

Tips and Tricks: How to Socialize Your Dog or Cat

Discover the secrets to successful pet socialization as we delve into a treasure trove of tips and tricks. From introducing your furry friends to new playmates to navigating those delightful but potentially awkward pet-park encounters, we’ve got you covered.

End of Summer Fun with Your Furry Friend

Discover pet-friendly activities to do with your furry friends as the summer season comes to an end. From beach outings to nature hikes, create lasting memories and bond with your pets.

The Ins And Outs of Catnip

Hey CUP fam, today we’ll be demystifying Catnip. Also known as Catmint, Cats’ plant, or even “Kitty Crack,” this plant is well known for its effect on our feline friends. But did you know that humans also used to use this plant? For centuries, humans utilized Catnip to make teas, herbal cigarettes, and even cooking …

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