CUP reminiscing.. 2016

Hello Everyone,

We are now in 2017 and Chicago Urban Pets is excited for a new year of friendships and furry animals!

Looking back at 2016 we have achieved many marvelous things!

​Below are our top 5!

1. Ella Alonso started as full-time manager for CUP! Ella has made such a difference talking to our pet parents and sitters on a daily basis! Ella works Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm, but sometimes you might find her after hours making sure everyone has been taken care of!

2. Laura & Ariel had anniversaries… Laura had her 1 year anniversary in Feb 2016, coming up on her 2 year anniversary next month!! Ariel had her 2 year anniversary with us in October 2016. It is always soo amazing when our sitters hang out with us long term. Such a blessing!

3. We continue to have a 5 star rating on Yelp!
Most pet parents find us via referral or by Yelp. Thank you everyone for contributing to our amazing rating and helping us continue to serve you and other happy pets in your neighborhood!



4. We increased all our sitter’s compensation. To ensure that our staff is well taken care of and happy with their job, we introduced pay raises to all our staff members this year again. Our goal is to create an environment for our sitters where they enjoy the work they are doing and therefore do it very well.

Here are all sitters hired in 2016:

5. We revamped our Brand!
Chicago Urban Pets now has a mission and a brand~

It has been an amazing year. Thank you for using Chicago Urban Pets!

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    Looking back at the things that happened on your 2016 made me happy. Indeed, it was a happy year for Chicago Urban Pets and you have wished it could have stayed that way! But we just entered 2019, and I am hoping that you are still doing well. At the same time, I am hoping that you have achieved a lot of things already. It wasn’t easy to run an organization or a group such as Chicago Urban Pets that deals with animals, but you did it seamlessly. It was because you were all passionate on what you do, that’s why!

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