CUP supports Kaleidoscope Inc, serving Chicago Families for over 40 years

Last week one of our dog walking clients introduced us to an organization called Kaleidoscope Inc. They support youth from birth up to 21years of age who are in family situations of emotional abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse as well as neglect. 

This amazing organization is having their yearly fundraising events May 18th called Stories that Spark.
Chicago Urban Pets will be supporting the event by giving out two 60minute dog walks as part of the silent auction.

If you are interested in donating to this event read more about Kaleidoscope here

Mission & Vision

Kaleidoscope’s mission is to empower children, youth and families impacted by abuse and neglect to build resourcefulness, resiliency and supportive relationships. Our vision is that all children and youth have the opportunity to enjoy safe and healthy lives nurtured by responsive adults.

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    Kaleidoscope Inc. has been helping a lot of families in Chicago ever since they were established. Let us be thankful that there are certain organizations that are always there to extend their hands whenever there are people who are asking for help. But the better news is, Kaleidoscope Inc. is supported wholeheartedly by CUP! Two big organizations working hard for a single purpose. That sounds great isn’t it? I am so happy to hear this one!

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