Ever wonder how many miles a dog walker walks every day?

Hello Everyone!

Happy April… Can you believe the weather we’ve had today in Chicago?! It’s been quite the Spring here. As a dog walking company we are very aware to the nuances of the weather because we spend so much time outdoors. Also, because we service the inner city of Chicago all the dog walkers walks/ take public transit between each dog. Whether it’s raining, snowing, windy, we are out and about in the city taking our furry friends out for their well deserved walk.

So how many miles does a dog walker walk while working? There are always some differences per person but on average each dog walker visits between 5-8 dogs/ day with a maximum of 10dogs (barely happens).
So you can imagine that if most our walks are 30minutes, with a few 60min walks in addition to walking to one building to another…
What do you think is the amount of miles dog walkers walk?
How many miles would you be able to walk every day for work?

Well here it comes…..

During a full day of dog walking, we walk around 6-12miles!
walking is good for the mind & soul!

​Take a walk with your dog today~


6 thoughts on “Ever wonder how many miles a dog walker walks every day?”

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      Walking a dog is my favorite thing to do! Some people find it exhausting because you have to walk for a lot of miles but I love doing it. I love the idea of exploring with a dog. It is more fun for me because I get to show the dog some places that he has no clue of. It always makes me happy whenever I see dogs’ tails wag because I know that the dog is enjoying the time he or she has with me.

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