Experiment: Letting your dog walk YOU?

Written By: Briseis Schreibman
Whether it’s a quick trip to the park or a slow meander around your neighborhood, walking your dog can be one of the most rewarding parts of your relationship. Your time walking together is not only a great way to get exercise and fresh air but also to bond and establish trust. Employees of CUP love walking dogs, as you well know, but for the times we’re not around to help out, we have some fresh ideas to spice up your walking routine! Though it may seem unconventional, letting your dog walk you can be a wonderful experience. I had my doubts too, but after testing this out on my own dogs, I absolutely love it. Here’s the plan: start your walk as you usually would and let yourself get a block or two away from home, so your pup doesn’t get distracted. From here, keep a steady pace, and as you come to an intersection or turn notice where your pup is directing their attention. Some dogs will show immediate interest in a particular direction, and others will be a little more hesitant; either way, just be patient and try to get in tune with your pup’s interests. You may just find yourself exploring uncharted parts of your neighborhood or even discovering somewhere completely new!  

Of course, it’s always important to know your furry friend and judge when it’s time to step in and get back in charge of the walking route. However, this is a super fun experiment to shake up your usual routine and go on an adventure with your pal! Try it out and if you find yourself anywhere exciting or silly, snap a photo and tag the CUP Instagram page so we can follow along!

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