First Pets…

By Briseis Schreibman
First pets are a right of passage for any animal lover. Sure, their name may be the answer to a bank security question, but their significance is much more profound. Some of us may have spent our whole lives with pets, and others may have adopted their friends later in life. Regardless of when you first welcomed a pet into your home, that process is a wonderfully exciting one. From the teeniest goldfish to the fluffiest pup, animals have so many incredible lessons to teach us. 
I feel lucky to have been raised with cats my whole life. I never had an official “first” pet. However, I cherish the group of animals that I spent my formative years with. They developed my long time love for animals and taught me to have patience and empathy for all beings (human or animal). Where animals lack traditional language, they are overflowing with more subtle forms of communication and love. It is with patience and empathy that one learns to unlock this language and establishes a truly special relationship.
First pets provide plenty of challenges and learning curves. Learning not to get upset when your puppy had an accident or your newly adopted cat scratched your fancy leather sofa may have seemed insurmountable at first. But looking back on those initial weeks with your pet, the memories that stick are not the challenges but the moments of great success. The moments when your pet first cuddled up next to you on the couch or ran up to you when you came home. 
Whether your first pet is still a member of your family or has passed away, take a few moments to reflect on your time with them. If you feel up to it, the CUP team would love to hear your first pet story.

Tag us on Instagram with a picture of you and your first pet and let us know what lessons they taught you.

Briseis childhood cat

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