Happy New Year 2018!

I can’t believe we are going on 2 years with our blog.. and going on 5 years taking care of all your amazing pets!

Looking back at the past year of 2017… I would like to highlight some of the things we’ve done…

1. Our first full year with with a General Manager Yes, Ella started in August 2016 and nearing her 1 year anniversary she embarked on an amazing trip of self discovery in Spain. Ella had been working solely for Chicago Urban Pets since her graduation from Columbia College in 2015 and it was time for her to spread her wings and experience something new. 

 2. Natalie Pacheco started as General Manager August 2017. Natalie is extremely hard working and very detailed oriented; she will be managing our sitters in the field, type out a client email and respond to your phone call at the same time without hesitation. You might meet her on the street walking dogs or she might come visit your cat  as she loves to get out there with all our furry friends when the opportunity arises.

4. We’ve celebrated anniversaries!
5. We’ve created employee emails. Our staff now uses exclusively employee emails. The work email creates for a more professional look, but also allows for better communication as their inboxes remain purely work related.
6. Birthday / Adoption Month treats! Every month we drop off a treat/ toy basket to all our pet clients on their birthday or adoption month. This is our way to let you know we truly appreciate you and your pet.
​If you think we do not have your pets dates EMAIL US
​7. We’ve received great reviews on Yelp & Facebook with a 5 Star Rating! Thank you everyone who has taken the time to write us a positive 5 star review. Did you know that Chicago Urban Pets gets the majority of their business through Yelp?

Chicago Urban Pet’s goal is to reach 100 reviews by the end of 2018

Help us reach our goal!! – WRITE US A REVIEW​ ON YELP

8. We increased all our sitter’s compensation. With the increased pay rate in January we have been able to reward our best pet sitters with pay raises. This way they stay with us longer and can continue taking care of your furry family members!

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