How Dog Will Travel

Written By: Briseis Schreibmam
Hey there, CUP fam, today we’re going to talk about ways you can make traveling with your pet easier!
Whether your pooch only rides in the car for short visits to the vet and groomer or enjoys long road trips, we’re here with some tips to help keep you and your furry friends safe and happy.

Three important things to consider when traveling with your dog are

1) managing distractions,
2) slowing the dog’s acceleration in case of a crash, and
3) securing the pup after impact. Finding the right restraint for your dog’s size and temperament is essential.

The non-profit “Center For Pet Safety” is an excellent resource. They have conducted safety tests on a variety of dog harnesses, crates, and carriers. Center For Pet Safety is a great place to begin your research, though I encourage you to do your own digging to find the best equipment for your furry friend.
Beyond crash safety equipment, we have some suggestions to make your life easier! From cleaning up to your pet’s comfort, these tips focus on making every car ride as stress-free as possible.

  • Pre-packed food just in case! Having a familiar option, if you need it, is a helpful reassurance
  • Treats or a favorite toy to occupy the pup and relieve stress
  • Bring along extra water and a water bowl. This can be anything from a plastic bowl to a specialty dog travel bowl that is collapsible or resealable

Clean Up

  • Cleaning supplies and plastic bags in case of an accident
  • An old beach towel in case your pup gets unexpectedly wet or dirty
  • Placing a liner or mat on the carpet can help make cleaning easier and protect the car interior


  • Bring your pet’s medical records. If they become ill, this can save valuable time
  • Always put your dog on a leash before opening the door or trunk
  • Take along a pet photo or be sure there is a high-quality image of the pet on your phone, this can be helpful if they get lost during the trip
  • Get a Collar-ID with identifying information so that you can be contacted easily if your pet gets loose

And finally, like we always say here at CUP, have fun! Figuring out a solid routine for car trips can seem a bit overwhelming. Still, once you get the hang of it, you’re all set to have awesome adventures with your furry friends! 

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