DIY-ou Know How To Make Treats?

Hello you beautiful humans (and maybe canine?) reading this!

We are near the end of our beautiful summer here in Chicago,  and also the end of moving season. We’ve welcomed many new furry members to our family, and sadly whispered bleary-eyed goodbyes to others. Even us sitters have been subjected to the hectic moving process.

Personally, whenever I am about to move I always throw out about half of my worldly possessions in hopes that my new home will be the official beginning of adulthood. That point in life when you get to eat ice cream for breakfast and have labeled manilla folders that say “Tax Returns.” In my recent cleansing of my apartment, I developed an intensely strong desire to DIY literally everything in my home. “As any adult would” she whispers to herself.

In my obsessive hunt for more DIY projects to do around the house, I came across a beautiful gift of a website in What a goldmine of the best homemade treats! After some perusing I came to the recipe index, that categorizes recipes just so nicely. There are vegetarian options for puppers allergic to chicken or beef, minty options for doggo’s who suffer from some unfortunate halitosis, and even frozen options for these last few dog days of summer. Recipes, recipes, galore! 

​So hop on this DIY train with me and we’ll rock all the way down to electric avenue. Let these homemade treat recipes take you higher.

​Have you tried some of these recipes already? Let me know in the comments below! Or share other recipes your puppy-dawg can’t live without.

Be sure to check back here once a week for our newest blog post. We’ve got a bunch of fun, exciting, and informative things to get off our chests!

​Until next time pet-lovers, 


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    Hello, Ella! I want to thank you for all the tips that you mentioned here! Instead of buying treats that you will give to your friends and relatives, it would always be better to be creative and come up with your own, especially if you know that you can! If you know hoe to bake a cookie, then it would be very easy for to come make it as a present! Just work on your packaging and it’s ready to be given! By the way, all these DIY projects that you are making are all worth it.

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