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Good evening!
Tonight I would like to share with you the processes we have in place inorder to effectively care for everyone’s pet in a customized fashion.

Chicago Urban Pets uses a great software called PetSitter Plus. It is a software that integrates accounting with admin, scheduling and client relations all together.
All Clients have online access to their own login page. Here they can manage invoices, add information and pictures of their pet as well as schedule and cancel walks. When a client schedules or cancels a walk we receive an email immediately notifying us.

The sitters have their own login as well. Here they can see their schedule, their compensations as well as requests days off. Sitters also have access to all client information except for billing. Every morning when the sitter wakes up they go into their schedule for the day and press a green “Awcknowledge” button. That tells me that they have looked at their schedule for the day and we are all on the same page. After every walk they press a “Completed” button which tells me they are done with that specific walk.
There is a desktop version and a mobile version of the software. Via this software sitters can access all the pets routine information just by a click of their phone!

Below is a picture of what the schedule looks like in the mobile version.

The admin portion of the software has access to everything.
We can see everyone’s schedule, add and cancel visits, raise invoices and submit payment. The admin portion records all our expenses and revenue as well as sitter pay which varies based on how long the sitter has been with the team.
So this is it. This is the core to our organization. It’s amazing and we would not be able to cover as many walks as we do if it wasn’t for this software.

Obviously it takes more than a good software to run a good business. You also need good people.
More on that tomorrow!

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