Live Long and Prosper 

Outside the pressures of academia, science and math have the opportunity to take on a completely new role. Both are tools to build upon and can lead to so many more discoveries.

Kids these days are in for such a wild ride ahead, who knows what today’s scientists will discover! More importantly, what will the scientists of tomorrow try to discover?

This past week, I was invited by MSDSonline to attend their scholarship fundraiser for future leaders in science. Chicago Urban Pets graciously donated a gift basket full of goodies to the silent auction event, among many other phenomenal prizes. At the end of the night, MSDS hit well over their donation goal of $1,500!

This handsome wad of cash went directly to the scholarship program of Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair. The organization who organizes all public school science fair events, and began in 1950. This group has been encouraging the young minds and hearts of our future scientists, cultivating the drive to get kids to ask more questions.

Keeping the sciences moving forward, requires inspiration. There’s more to it than creating robot butlers. (No shame in making robot butlers though) Science will discover what Neptune looks like, or show us the edge of the universe. Supporting this scholarship program will keep the fires of discovery burning, and keep new information flowing. Learning doesn’t have to stop after college. You can be a “lifelong learner” which everybody should want because there’s so much to learn out there! Giving to these programs provides learning for more than just students studying their field, it allows everyone to share in the learning and understanding of the universe around us. That is something we here at Chicago Urban Pets strongly stand in alliance with.

We are honored to have been apart of such a wonderful event and want all the future scientists to boldly go where no one has ever gone before.

Thank you again to all the other donors for the silent auction, and congratulations to MSDSonline for making their donation goal!

Now go out there and discover something earthlings.  🖖

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