Meeting Luna

Mondays… I’m always excited when Monday comes around.. The emails start trickling back in and the world seems to go back in motion. Sure, the weekend in enjoyable but unless I have a few dogs to walk or cats to visit, my weekends can get pretty slow & boring. #trueworkaholic

EJ on our team has taken off three days due to an unfortunate loss in the family. As I worked to get his walks covered for Mon-We’d of this week, I decided to take on one of his walks myself. A Belgian Shephard called Luna that lives in Printers Row. Luna is one of the few households I have never personally met so I was excited to get to know her. Also, via pictures she looks very much like my precious dog Mushu which made me extra excited to walk her today.

Luna turned out to be a real sweetheart and was happy to see me even though she had never met me before. Luna is particular as she does not like cameras or phones taking pictures so I had to be super sneaky when trying to get a shot of her.

One of Chicago Urban Pets’ main selling points is that we send email updates with pictures after every walk.
See below a few great pics from today’s walks.

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