Chicago Urban Pet’s favorite house cleaner…

Thursday I got to hang out with this amazing young woman who is dominating the house cleaning industry here in Chicago! Her name is Emily Taylor and she is the Owner and Founder of Chicago Loop Cleaners.

Emily came back to Chicago after Graduating from Moody Bible with a dream of creating job opportunities in her neighborhood. She started her own Residential cleaning company and has put all her energy into creating job opportunities for young adults.. Emily is a Business Owner but also Mentor to her employees, guiding them through life by helping them build a set of skills that will allow them to achieve their goals.
She also does an AMAZING job at cleaning!

We met at Peach and Green where Emily had just finished training one of her newer employees at the Legacy. She was working on some emails and I had the day off from dog walking and joined her. It’s great to have friends who are also in the service industry like Chicago Urban Pets. We are always bouncing off ideas with one another.

If you are interested in Emily’s services, don’t hesitate to contact her! 

CHICAGO LOOP CLEANERS22 West Washington St. Chicago, IL 60602, Ste. 1500

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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