Personalizing the Client Portal.. woohooo!!

We are excited about some of the updates made to the client portal. These changes will improve communication between Chicago Urban Pets and the amazing group of pet owners we serve.

As a reminder, your personal Client Login can be accessed via our website. We strongly encourage all our clients to become comfortable with the client portal. If you are having trouble loging in, don’t hesitate to contact us!

​On the front page of the portal, you have a quick link to CUP’s Service Rates. This way you can easily double check the cost of an overnight, or a 45min visit.
​Under Your Data, you will now find a Routine tab. In the past you could not see our Routine Notes, now you can see and change the notes that we put into our system after the initial consultation.
We have a NEW feature that will greatly improve satisfaction rates! 
Via the portal you can now communicate to us wether you always want to meet ANY NEW TEAM MEMBER that takes care of your pet, or wether you are ok with anyone of our team members coming over to your household.

Are you ready to get started personalizing your client portal?

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  1. online professional writer

    This is a good and commendable move, Chicago Urban Pets! Your clients will feel more at home now that you made a feature here in your website where they can have their personal space. I guess, other websites taking the same path as you and should be inspired by what you did. Navigating the site would be easier if they have this feature, as long as the guidelines will be provided accordingly. This is an impressive innovation and I hope to have my own space here someday!

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