Photographing your Pet

Written By: Briseis Schreibman
The age of pet social media influencers is upon us! With Instagram and Facebook feeds filled to the brim with perfectly timed snapshots, it’s only natural to wish for the same high-quality shots of your pet. Though when it comes down to it, these seemingly effortless shots can be anything but. I myself have tried to help my pets rise to stardom but have struggled with camera-shy cats, overly energetic pups, and dim lighting. When I started working with CUP and began photographing pets more regularly, I picked up on a few simple tricks!

First and foremost, picking the right environment is key. Photographing your pet in a place both of you are familiar with will allow you to predict how they will behave and ensure they are at ease. Rather than going to a bustling new park, stick to their favorite room of the house or a pretty spot you walk by frequently. Knowing how your pet will interact with the space will allow you to plan what types of shots you can realistically achieve.

Once you’ve found your location, get eye level with your pet. Coming down to their level means you capture their facial expressions up close and personal! Use gentle attention-getters like kissy noises or snaps to have them look your direction. For an especially camera shy pet, you may even want to use small treats to coax them into making eye-contact. And of course, have fun! If you’re feeling stressed about getting the perfect shot, your pet will pick up on that energy. Let loose and take lots and lots of photos, you can always go back to find the best ones and work some editing magic. Every pet has their photogenic side; it’s just a matter of helping them discover it.

And of course, CUP will always be here as well to snap photos of your pet during our own adventures with them.

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