Seeing old friends

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had a nice Valentine’s weekend. I went to celebrate at one of my favorite Italian Restaurants in Old Town. It’s called Topo Gigio and if you haven’t been there yet I highly recommend it!

Today I got to walk an old client of ours, Bella&Wilma. I was excited when Bill and DeAnna asked me to come walk the girls today and tomorrow due to Bill be gone for work.
Bella is the golden retriever and is a real sweetheart. She can however go into what I like to call “donkey mode” where she will sit down and not move. Her sweet demeanor makes it impossible to get mad at her though.
Wilma is a big beautiful Great Dane. She’s a big teddy bear although often pedestrians are scared of her. Wilma can be rambunctious at times so you definitely need to be alert when walking her.

Today went smoothly. We had 24 visits we did and about 10 sitters working (including myself). We had a few requests come in for later this week. Clients of ours have access to their personal online portal with which they can requests visits with us online. It’s a very convenient and quick way to get your pooch on our schedule!
Later this week I am meeting with two new team members to fill out paperwork before they start. I’m excited to get them onboard and continue their training with me as employees.

One last thing that I am really excited about is our Newsletter! We will be coming out with monthly newsletters giving you a look into what’s going on with C_UP.

I’m excited to get that out to our clients. I will also post them on our social media for you who currently don’t use our services.

Have a nice evening

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