Finding responsible animal lovers is our hiring objective

STEP 1. Announce online and to existing team that we are hiring.

We use a platform called JazzHR that stream lines our job ads onto several different platform at a time.

STEP 2. When applicants start to trickle in we filter them USING JazzHR:

  • Series of knockout questions filters the best suited
  • Candidates who pass, answer questions regards to time-management.

STEP 3. Applicants complete job specific exercise

Route planning exercise is given via email

STEP 4. Strong applicants get invited to a 30 minute video call interview.

If applicant has not showed up within 10minutes, their interview process ends there.

STEP 5. Applicant references are called.

References are required to be professional.

STEP 6. Job offer os sent to applicant

Background screening needs to be clean.

STEP 7. New employees meet with Stephanie the owner to go over handbook and company procedures.

At this time, staff learn how to use our TimetoPet app.

STEP 8. Employee shadows Stephanie for a few days as needed.

The amount of shadowing that takes places depends on their experience level.

STEP 9. Employee completes an 3.5HR (paid) online course for Cat Care, Bite Prevention and Doggie Equipment via Fetchfind Training. A local online training platform for pet professionals.

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