Spring Break is here.. Are YOU looking for a job?

Hello everyone,

Many of our sitters are college students so I am very aware of school breaks around year, although it affects us in a different way than it affects the students. Many of our sitters wants to take a well deserved break, the problem is that as college students everyone then wants to take it at the exact same time. That becomes problematic for us and during this Spring Break the issue has become as apparent than ever before.

I recently hired two new team members (also Columbia Students) who were going to work over Spring break, without them there would only have been two sitters left to work!!
Thanks to Ella and Roland as well as our two new team members Elisha and Maddy we will have everyone’s visits covered but it’s a wake up call that something has to change.

The change will be adding non-student sitters. It will be a new challenge for us but it’s one I am willing to take on in order to ensure we can move throughout the year in a seamless way.

If anyone has recommendations of people interested in taking on a petsitting job or if YOU are interested in joining our team, shoot us an email!!


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