To Crate or Not To Crate? That Is the Question

For those pet parents that crate, how can pup’s place become less crate-like and more den-like? Or if your doggo is on the larger side, how do you accommodate a large crate into your home without it taking over the space?

Firstly, it is essential your dog responds positively to their crate. It is not enough to just put a bed inside and wave goodbye for the day. This is a space where pups should feel safe, secure, and relaxed. The same way they do when you are at home and they get to lax around in the house.

Remember being a kid and making forts out of old refrigerator boxes? No, just me? Well, imagine with me here, a little cubby hole that’s all your own. You bring in pillows and blankets and your favorite things and spend hours in the backyard sitting in a box, perfectly content. At the human age of 4 this is very satisfying. Equate that feeling to covering your pups crate with a blanket or sheet.

Over at, writer Melodie Ann offers some helpful tips and steps on how best to find out if covering the crate is something pupper would like. Stick in a few toys and treats and bada-bing, bada-boom you got yourself a house. Simple, quick, and easy tip to getting that floof in bed and getting out the door easier.

Perhaps covering the crate isn’t the best idea for your pup, maybe they feel less aware of their surroundings this way. Huzzah, there are more solutions!

For some of the bigger pups out there, their crate can get pretty large. Instead of having it take over your space and struggling to keep yourself and your floof comfortable, why not utilize it? So pupper doesn’t like the cage being covered. Cover just the top and turn it into an end table! I’ll bet you never thought of that idea. Yes people, we are continuing this DIY train, will it ever end, nobody knows.

I often find the best way to look for crafty ideas is always Pinterest. There’s over 1000+ ways to turn your puppers cage into more than just their home, but also prevent any loss of space in your home.

This is where I leave you, yet again, to explore your creative minds and find a beautiful way to house your floofs. Share your creations in the comments below, or suggest more ideas!

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