Trick to leashing small aggressive dogs

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to share with you a trick I learned to getting a small dog to go out with you even though they are acting in an agressive manner.
Normally Chicago Urban Pets doesn’t walk dogs that are agressive but it does happen on occasion if we need to switch dog walker for a dog who is uncomfortable around new people.
The first and best thing is to have the new dog walker accompany the owner or current dogwalker for a walk the day prior, spending time both inside and outside with the dog.

When the dog walker comes on their own the following day it’s very likely the dog might still bark but often they won’t be as scared. The trick is you need to get the dog leashed. Once the dog is connected to a leash they calm down and follow your lead, but getting to leashing the dog can be difficult and intimidating if they seem to want to snap at your hand.

The trick is to create a big loop with the leash, cowboy style. This can be done by looping the end of the leash through the handle. Then by standing as close as you can, you throw the home-made lasso towards the dog in hopes of getting it around his neck. In order to do this you want to make sure the lasso is as big as possible.

Good Luck!

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    I have this dog who is really aggressive when he’s outside. Honestly, I find it very hard to make him behave himself. Anyway, your tip above on how I can possibly do it is very helpful. I haven’t tried this trick before, but I am very much willing to try. I think this will work for my dog. I can’t wait to go home and try this one.

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