Two new Furry Family Members joining Chicago Urban Pets

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to invite two new pups to Chicago Urban Pets: Baxter who just moved here from Philly with his mom and Webster who was recently adopted into a new family in Streeterville. A & B adopted Webster on Sunday and we had our meet&greet on Monday. 

Baxter is currently walked by Elisha. He is a sweet terrier and senior citizen. He is often taken to the dog run in his building to go potty and then Elisha and Baxter head back inside for some snuggles.

Webster is a Spaniel Mix… Maybe has some chihuahua in him? He is forward and alert and still a puppy.. Somewhere between 6 months- 1 year. 

Do you have questions and/ or would like to inquire about dog walking/ cat sitting services?

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