What’s up this weekend?

Is there something I’ve missed? Is there a special long weekend coming up?

The amount of requests we have received this weekend is incredible! Our request page is full of overnights and cat visits and they continue to roll in. I love to see how many people want to use our services, and that they want us to care for their furry family members while gone. It makes my heart warm up. There will be quite a bit of work today for us to make sure everyone’s requests are accommodated and that they get their preferred sitter.

As per what is going on with our staff.. Ella’s knee is still hurting.. I’m not sure yet how that will affect her schedule next week but I’ll probably know today so that we can get her walks covered again. I still need to hear from Michelle in regards to her concussion, I hope she is feeling better!

Elisha & Maddy, the two new young woman on the team started with their first few dog walks and cat visits this week and they are doing great! They both also had the chance to experience their first meet&greet as well!! Yay!

Have a great weekend EVERYONE!!!


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  1. Hello! Love to follow your blog Stef to hear about the day to day chores of a nice petcaring firm such as your:-)
    A petfan!

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