Why good Managers are so important …part 1

Hello Everyone!

Yes I’m back and writing another post. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up the daily blog posts but I sure hope so!

Today I want to talk about how I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I have the best General Managers and it feels like it got served on a golden platter!
It all started in the Spring of 2015… We had been doing really well and my job behind the scene was increasingly busier, I was starting to grow concerned over what would happen if I took off on vacation a few weeks… Would the company run smoothly without my daily supervision?
Every summer I fly to Europe to visit my parents and this was the first year where I felt the business would not run itself without someone in charge of daily operations in Chicago. To give you some back story- the first summer the business was running (summer 2013) I only had two clients (Bella&Wilma and Maddie) and all I needed was one person to cover my walks while I was gone. The following summer (summer 2014) we had closer to 20 or so clients and I had three sitters who covered those clients while I was in Europe. (Thank you Ariana, Tim & Parker)

Now fast forward to summer of 2015 and we have over 100 clients, emails coming in on a daily basis, new requests, new clients, potential schedule changes… You name it!!
At this point I was completely engrained into the daily procedures of the company and I needed a break. I needed a General Manager….and what’s not better than asking the one petsitter on your team who has been around from almost the start? So yes- I asked Ariana. And she accepted!!!!

Ariana joined our team in April of 2014, just a sophomore in college. Ariana is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and she has grown to be such an intrinsic part of the company it feels weird to think she will one day move on. Ariana has met over half of all our clients and receives frequent requests for her to personally pet sit. Although she doesn’t take on as many visits as she once did- you know your lucky if Ariana is taking care of your furry family member!

Needless to say my trip to Europe went as smooth as I had hoped thanks to Ariana and my prep for her to hold the reins for C_UP while I was away.

And this is how Chicago Urban Pets welcomed it’s first Managerial role in the company.

Tomorrow…. I will tell you about our second sitter Ella… Who just after working a handful of months stepped up as our second Manager. I just couldn’t help myself- she was basically made for this job.

Have a nice evening!

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