Why good Managers are so important …part2

Hello everyone!
So I completely gave in to how tiered I was last night and did not write the second part of this sequel on Managers.

This is what I was doing last night:

Last night when I was out walking dogs I had the hardest time putting Daisy’s booties on for our walk. Daisy is the husky in the pictures. She would just jump around strategically when I tried getting her paw in the bootie. Then I remembered something Lisa (Daisy’s mommy) had told me once and that was to tie Daisy’s leash to the door handle and then put her booties on.. It was a total game changer!!! We got those booties on in minutes and were out the door!!

Back to my awesome Managers!
In the previous blog we discussed how Ariana became General Manager, Ella’s story is similar but with a shorter timeframe.

Ella came into our lives during the summer of 2015. I had been in Europe for those two weeks visiting family and Ariana had was in charge and was doing an awesome job as General Manager. Shortly after my return to Chicago I receive a text from one of the sitters. It’s Michelle and she is letting me know that Ella, a friend of hers from school is very interested in joining C_UP. Ella had just graduated from Columbia College and had been in the French club with Michelle who recommended her highly for her work ethic.
I met with Ella shortly after and offered her a job as petsitter. I was hesitant at first. I’ve hired sitters out of school before and although their open schedule was great- they would eventually leave 3-4 months later. Our goal at C_UP is to keep sitters here long term (atleast a year or longer)- so the 3-4 month timespan felt very short lived.
More on our interview process in a future blog.

I started Ella out slowly as I usually do but she was doing so great that I quickly increased her schedule. When I say that she was doing so great I refer to her email updates, her timeliness to walks and her pictures that are attached to the updates. She was just cruising along with absolutely nothing on my end to correct. Ella just got it.

Months go by and we are nearing winter break. I say winter break because all of our sitters are Columbia College students so the company is very much aware of the college’s vacation schedule. Many of the sitters want to go out of town over major vacations (Columbia’s winter break is 5 weeks long!!) and often it’s a huge project to prepare for our schedule in December and January to ensure that all our furry friends are taken care of accordingly.

Normally sitters will just send me an email stating the dates they will be gone or post it to our Holiday Planner in the business online portal. Ella, however, asked to meet with me in person and when we did she very apologetically told me why she really needed to take two full weeks off this coming Holiday season. I was completely taken away by Ella’s sense of responsibility and also her awareness to the implication of sitters taking off during major holidays. This and many other small gestures set Ella apart as one of those rare employees that only come into your life occasionally.

I was planning for another 2 week trip in January and I thought it would be very helpful for Ariana to have additional support as our client base had increased again from the previous summer months, so with plenty of time to prepare, I asked Ella in November if she would be interested in becoming General Manager with Ariana. Three months later I can’t express how happy I am with her and I hope to be able to offer Ella a situation where she can continue as Manager for us and still thrive in her other life aspirations.

That’s all from me today!

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