How to take great smartphone photos of your dog!

By: Nao Mitsutomi

Struggling with taking the perfect photo of your dog? Here are some tips and tricks to taking better photos–and the best part is, you’ll only need your phone, so need for a fancy camera!

  1. Lighting
    1. Turn flash off! Use natural lighting whenever you can–this will provide the best results!
    2. Using flash also might scare your dog and make them less willing to be photographed.
    3. Make sure the light source is behind you and not in front of you!
  2. Give your dog a focal point
    1. Dogs don’t know how to look at the camera the way humans do, so give your dog a focal point using things like a treat to help keep their attention!
  3. Try out different angles
    1. Taking top-down photos of your dog may be the most convenient, but it may not be the most flattering angle! Instead, try getting on eye level with your dog and show the environment around them, and as this will produce the best results.
    2. Be flexible and move the phone around as your pup moves his head.
  4. Use photo editing apps
    1. Editing makes all the difference, no matter how little or how much you tweak them! Try out different settings while editing to enhance your already amazing pictures of your furry companions!

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