The First-Time Cat Owner’s Guide

Written by Brandon Buttler

​First-Time Cat Parent? Here’s How You Can Make It Work

When you’re looking for a pet to share your home with, a cat can be a great option. Generally, cats are more low maintenance and easier to train than dogs. They are also quiet and independent, so they make great apartment pets. Still, the decision to adopt a cat requires more preparation. As experts in pet care, Chicago Urban Pets know a thing or two about that. Here’s your guide to successful adoption.

Making the Decision

There are several things you need to consider before you take home a feline companion. First, should you go for a kitten or an adult cat? The answer to which depends on the amount of time you can realistically devote to training. Generally, a kitten will need more supervision, and you may need to kitten-proof your home. An adult cat, on the other hand, is best if you’re looking for a pet with a milder temperament and more independence.

Your home environment also needs to be considered. If you have young children, a kitten may not be ideal as they can injure each other. If you have other pets, you will want to make sure that they have the temperament to handle the new addition to your home. Also, if you are likely to leave your cat alone for long periods of time, it may be wise to adopt a bonded pair.

Finally, consider your expectations. Perhaps you want a cuddly lap pet instead of one that’s more active, or maybe you want a cat that doesn’t need daily brushing. By knowing the kind of relationship you want with your cat, you have a better chance of ending up with the right pet.

Preparing for the New Arrival

When you bring home your new pet, you’ll want them to get comfortable sooner rather than later. It’s a must, therefore, to stock up on the cat supplies necessary to get your new resident settled in quickly. A litter box and good cat litter are definitely non-negotiable if you want to keep messes at bay. You also need toys and a scratching post to protect your furniture. Don’t forget a cat bed, food and water bowls, and a collar and ID tag — to name a few.

Your choice of cat food is also crucial. Naturally, you want to keep your cat healthy and happy. For this purpose, wet cat food is arguably better and healthier than dry food because of its higher moisture content. It’s definitely a must to compare various brands to find one that’s most beneficial to your cat’s overall well-being. Make sure to consider ingredients, vitamin and mineral composition, and possible additives before you make your choice.

Settling In

As you and your cat settle into your life together, you need to have an understanding of cat behavior. Cats can be quite quirky, but there is often an explanation for many of these affectations. By taking the time to get to know these quirks, you are then better able to separate what’s natural from what isn’t and address it accordingly. 

To make life easier for you and your cat both, it’s also smart to get the right kind of help. A veterinarian is a must to keep your cat in tiptop health, so make sure to choose right. It’s also good to find a cat sitter you can trust if you need to travel or work late. Cat sitting should be customizable to your cat’s needs and include tasks like feeding, litter cleaning, and more.

Indeed, a cat is definitely a great choice for a pet. But with research and preparation, you’ll be able to find your perfect feline companion and live happily ever after.

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