To Tip Or Not To Tip Cat Sitters?

The service industry is one where tipping is pretty custom in the USA, however it is not quite clear what the tipping etiquette for petsitting services are. A petsitter working for a company does not make that much money, although the nature of the job is very rewarding. Leaving a tip for a job well done can give an extra spurt of excitement for the petsitter and they often will go over and beyond for your loved ones.

It might be hard to tell the effect tipping has on the services provided, but as a pet parent, you can definitely feel confident that your petsitter will bend backwards to fit you into their schedule if they know a tip is waiting for them on the counter. The amount doesn’t really matter, it’s the gesture that has the positive effect.

So you might ask yourself now.. Do I need to tip my cat sitter every time? ..and do you tip a dog sitter too?

The answer is no, you do not have to ever tip your cat sitter (or dog sitter) if you don’t want to BUT it is definitely highly appreciated among those working in this industry.

FAQ on how to tip your sitter

1. You want to tip your sitter but not sure about the best way.
In these cases leaving a cash tip with a note will be the best way to tip, the note signals the sitter to the tip and lets them know it’s for them to take.

2. You want to tip your sitter but there is more than one sitter to tip
Here you can either leave two separate tips with two separate notes for the sitters. You can also contact the admin for the company and give the sitters a tip electronically. What this means is that you send the money to the company and the company gives the tip to the sitters for you.

4. You were really happy with your petsitter and want to tip them after the fact.
Here you would send the payment to the admin of the company and letting them know who it is for.

5. You want to tip your petsitter once but not necessarily all the time.
That is OK, as pet sitters are not expecting a tip reward like cab drivers or servers, they will be appreciative for the gesture, but not be discouraged if it’s not a regular thing.

6. You are really happy with the petsitter’s services but your not in a position to be able to tip.
Sending a follow up email to the sitter and the company, describing how happy you are with their services is so encouraging for all party’s involved!

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